29 May 2011

Rujuta Diwekar: A Silent Revolution

After reading her first book ‘Don’t lose your mind- Lose your Weight’, I started loving myself.. It’s not that I have lost some 15 kg weight or something.. But, I don’t feel the need to, because Rujuta teaches you to love yourself the way you are..

The celebrated nutritionist and the author of two best-sellers, ‘Don’t lose your Mind- Lose your Weight’ and ‘Women and the Weight loss Tamasha’, Rujuta Diwekar, indeed, initiates a ‘Silent Revolution’ within yourself.. She questions ur lifestyle, eating habits, jobs, relationships and everything that affects the way u look and the way u feel..

With the changing lifestyles, altering social patterns and the advent of competition in every field of life, we have stopped thinking about what we really want and what makes us truly happy.. We want to stay thin, look beautiful just because people around us like and appreciate that.. But never do we think about ‘feeling beautiful’ from inside which, in fact, makes us look great for outside.. It’s to Rujuta’s credit that now we have two amazing self-help books.. which finally teach us to get in tune with our inner-self; to eat according to the signals of our stomach; and to do what we really like to do..

Rujuta has been bold enough to argue that the so-called ‘Dieting’ or ‘fasting’ does not make anyone fit and slim, in fact, eating according to the signals of your stomach does.. Our body needs care, pampering and love; and by eating nutritious and balanced food, we actually pamper our body. A pampered and loved body always looks fabulous, no matter whatever its weight is.. Eating right food at the right time and working out regularly is the ‘Mantra’ of having a beautiful body, with toned muscles, amazing figure and glowing skin, according to Rujuta..

The way Rujuta writes is very friendly, and most of the times while reading her books, you get a feeling that you are talking to your dear elder cousin.. she is so assertive, but yet convincing in her thoughts, that one gets tempted to walk on the path she shows.. in fact, why not to.. if you are going to love yourself this way.. afterall, the whole world will love you, if you love yourself..!!!


  1. nice...i mean mast.but i keep wondering why rujuta didn't advise kareena not to go the size-0 way?

  2. very true.. i completely second u...loved d way u interpreted rujutas book n described it...m surely following it

  3. totally agree with u...have found a new outlook towards life after following her books...cannot thank rujuta enough...

  4. @suyash, reema and uma,
    thanx a lot..

  5. @ankur,
    size-zero is media creation. rujuta never said it in any of her books, discussions.. kareena had to become very thin, as her role in tashan demanded that.. now, shez is back to normal.. and though kareena put off, she still looks as amazing as before.. doesn;t she???