6 May 2011

Taranga: an Introduction

Hallo Friends,

I have been having a thought of writing my own blog since last year. But, somehow could not really implement it. Today is Akshayy Tritiya, and there is a saying, that if you initiate any good work on this day, it lasts forever. It’s not that I was looking for a ‘muhurat’ for starting a blog, but since it is happening on Akshayy Tritiya, I will surely try to accomplish this task of writing.

This blog is a sincere attempt to channelize my thoughts in the proper direction. This will help me organize my ideas and write them in proper ‘write-up’ manner. In addition, this is going to enable me share my ideas and thoughts with you, receive your responses on them, and if possible, initiate a constructive discussion on the same.  The writings and the discussions following them will certainly lead all of us to a better understanding of various issues.

The pattern of this blog is purely personal, and whatever I will write, will be my own thoughts and ideas. There isn’t any professional, political or any other purpose behind it. This is the reason; I do not want to confine myself to any specific arena. I will write on various issues, which can broadly be classified under the labels; ‘International Relations’, ‘Society and Politics’ and ‘Art and Literature’.

Friends, I am looking forward for the constructive responses from your side.

Thank you!!!

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